About Us

Welcome to the Kid’s Way!  This site serves as a means to get some quality audio for kids and people of all ages out there in cyber space.  I am a pastor of a Baptist church in Northern Canada and I have four boys of my own.  We love to tell stories, especially ones that enforce the Biblical worldview that God has established by His Word.

While it is a joy to listen to fun and adventurous stories, it is even better when such stories help us better understand God who has made us and all things!  Especially as we consider the unique work of Jesus in coming to rescue us by walking in perfect obedience to the Father and then offering His own perfect life in our place.  Thankfully Jesus did not stay dead, but rose from the dead!  Truly any good story must borrow from God’s great story of redeeming humanity from their brokenness and rebellion.

My name is Aaron Hale.  I have grown up in Northern Alberta and love being a husband and a father to my boys.  It is scary how fast the time goes, and this is one way I can leave something to pass onto my children and Lord willing to many other children around the world too.

My lovely wife is Christine and we have been married for almost ten years.  She is the strongest and bravest woman I have ever known and I most grateful for her.

It is my desire that everyone would hear about the good news of what Jesus has done in coming, dying and rising again.  That we would walk in the freedom he offers us by his grace.