Shamgar is back! Chapter 5 & 6

Finally we return to our story! In this episode the story continues as we read chapter 5 “The Departing Prince” as well as chapter 6 “The Glorious Filling” Thanks for tuning in!

“Shamgar and the Unlikely Bride” (Chapter 2)

Chapter two is here!  Listen in as Shamgar is rescued from certain death by someone he did not expect.  While Shamgar thought he was just an ordinary guy living in an ordinary place he suddenly realises that he is part of a story much bigger than he could have ever imagined.


Shamgar and the Unlikely Bride

It’s here!  The first episode of “Shamgar and the Unlikely Bride”.   In this exciting new story we walk with Shamgar as he tells his journey escorting the unlikely bride of the great prince.  Through trial and danger, he must persevere until he reaches that great Kingdom.

Dave The Shepherd Boy – Chapter 4

As the story continues Dave is growing in skill and experience as a shepherd.  However, as they head to the meadow this morning, they encounter some unexpected danger.  Thankfully, with his brothers experience and the grace of God they are able to act quickly and avoid a close call!

John The Baptist!

In this Bible Story episode we get to read about the exciting ministry of John the Baptist.  He was God’s chosen instrument to prepare the way for Jesus.  John brought a message and baptism of repentance to prepare people to receive their messiah.  John also helped Jesus fulfil all righteousness and baptised Jesus, therefore revealing him to the world as the true Messiah!

Dave The Shepherd Boy – Chapter 3 “The Sling at Supper”

As the story of “Dave the Shepherd Boy” continues we listen in as Dave makes his way back home and receives the reward for his first day of work as a shepherd.  We also hear the great story of how God rescued His people out of slavery and brought them into the promise land.

“Dave The Shepherd Boy” – chapter 2

Here is the second episode of the series, “Dave The Shepherd Boy”.  As the day progresses, Dave learns a lot about what it means to be a shepherd and care for the sheep.  It is a big responsibility that he is not sure he is ready to face! But as he looks to the Lord, he finds himself content and singing a song of praise.

The Persistent Widow! Luke 18:1-8

This is the first episode of our series called “Parables”.  In these episodes we will take a parable of Jesus’ and read it and talk a little bit about the implications of what the parable is teaching.  For the first one we are reading from Luke 18:1-8, the famous parable “The Persistent Widow”.  Jesus is teaching importance of persevering in prayer and the assurance that God, as the great judge of all the earth, will do right.


Dave the Shepherd Boy

This episode begins an adventure following “Dave the Shepherd Boy”.  Inspired  by the character of David in the bible, we imagine together what it might have been like growing up as a shepherd boy on the fields of Bethlehem.  While much of what we read in this story is fictional, it is our prayer that it also helps to support a biblical worldview and also illustrate the truths about God we find in the Bible.

Each episode will represent one chapter of the story and so it will be an ongoing series until we come to the final chapter!