Resurrection Sunday!

In this episode we think about how the resurrection of Jesus is unique from all others.  While we know from the Bible that others were raised from the dead, we also know that Jesus alone is referred to as the “first fruits” and as the “first born from the dead”.   We see four ways in which Jesus is truly unique…

Catechism with Micah! (part 2)

It has been awhile since Micah has been on and so in this episode Micah and I continue working through some of the Catechism questions together and look at some Scriptures that provide the basis for the answers. We pray you are blessed through this episode with a greater understanding of the gospel and love for God!

Blessed are the Persecuted

In this episode we look at the last beatitude as recorded by Luke in Luke 6:22.  No one likes to be made fun of, or left out or hated, but Jesus says when we face these things because of him, then we are to rejoice and be glad!



Shamgar is back! Chapter 5 & 6

Finally we return to our story! In this episode the story continues as we read chapter 5 “The Departing Prince” as well as chapter 6 “The Glorious Filling” Thanks for tuning in!

Jesus Calls His Disciples!

In this Bible reading from Luke 5, we read how Jesus displays his power and authority over the creation and causes a miracle to happen for some fishermen. But Jesus is not looking to make them successful fishermen, but rather know him and follow him.

How it All Began! (Genesis 1&2)

In this Bible reading we start the book of Genesis.  Thankfully, God has given us the record of how He brought everything into existence.  The word “Genesis” means “beginnings”.  It is an amazing book of God’s work in creation and also redemptive history after humanity falls into sin.